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About Us

Kanwarji is here to bring you the authentic and scrumptious taste of Delhi 6. With a legacy of more than 150 years, we specialise in making namkeen that elevates your taste buds. We have a secret recipe for all our delicacies  passed on from generation to generation. With a diverse menu range, it is safe to say that there is no one like us in the whole industry. We make sure that the food that you eat is not only good in taste but also made from healthy ingredients. Our major USP is our quality which we believe is unique and unparalleled. With years of relentless service to customers, we have successfully become a famous namkeen shop in Delhi. Our outlet is not only one of the oldest in Chandni Chowk but in the whole of Delhi. We are a brand in our own right which is why we have survived in the market all these years. We offer a variety of namkeen products on our website and assure you that you can buy namkeen online at the best prices in India.

Not only are we the leading players in the savoury industry, but also we produce high-quality sweets. Our products like Panjiri Laddoo, Sohan Halwa, Karachi Halwa, Pure Pista Lauj, and Gulab jamun are drool-worthy. We believe in long-term establishments with our customers, which is why we make sure that they come back repeatedly to buy our products. We make most of our products from pure Desi ghee, which is rare nowadays. Kanwarji’s chikkis are one of the best-selling products or crispy and thin, unlike others available in the market. They have a perfectly balanced flavour and are not excessively sweet. It is one of the reasons why cover ji has become one of the most famous sweet shops in Delhi. They taste like nothing else in the world, and you will surely be obsessed once you try our chikkis. Not only do our chikkis taste amazing, but they also look exotic.

Sweet snacks

We make a variety of sweets for our customers that are prepared meticulously by our team every day. Our primary motive is to offer high-quality products to our customers. We also love to curate new packages and hampers for our customers during special festivals and occasions. Or some of the most popular products include our kaju katli, Gulab Jamun, Badam Karachi Halwa, Kaju Paan, Kaju Gulkand Barfi, Besan ladoo and so many more things. This is what makes us the most famous sweet shop in Delhi that has been distributing happiness for over 150 years.

We ensure all our sweets are made from high-quality dairy products, including milk and desi ghee. Today the sweet market has become very corrupt, and many businesses use low-quality products for making sweets. But at Kanwarji we have been relentlessly delivering quality products to our customers for over 150 years. This is one of the major reasons we have made a name for ourselves in the market. Our quality is what separates us from the other, most famous sweet shops in Delhi. Not only are we the best in taste but also our sweets are delightful to even look at.

We also bring sweets from around the country to give you a diverse menu, including Rajasthani ladoo, chocolate barfi, pink coconut barfi and Badam Pista Sohan Halwa. We make sure that you get a taste of our vintage as well as new sweet dishes. For us, sweet eating is an experience that we take very seriously. We take pride in saying that all our customers have never been disappointed after trying our sweets. You can easily buy sweets from our outlet in Chandni Chowk, or you can directly buy sweets online from our website. We offer seamless delivery services to our customers. So end the wait and order our mouth-melting sweets today from  the most famous sweet shop in delhi. 

Namkeen snacks

As Indians, our morning and evening tea is incomplete without having namkeen snacks. These namkeen snacks enhance the flavours of tea to a great extent. But mostly, the packaged namkeen snacks are soggy and bad in taste. But with Kanwarji namkeen snacks, you do not have to face this problem ever again in your life. Kanwarji has been a trailblazer in the savoury industry for many years. This is one of the reasons why Knawarji is a famous namkeen shop in Delhi. We have our secret recipes, which are the reason behind a trademark test that is impossible to find in the rest of the world. We offer a balanced flavour of savoury snacks perfect for your Indian taste buds. Our best-selling products include masala Kaju, which are freshly imported cashews coated with a mixture of Indian spices that add to the natural taste of cashews.

Another of our best-selling products includes masala  Badam which includes almonds that are roasted and then covered with Indian spices specially prepared considering the natural taste of almonds. Roasting the almonds by adding spices, adding a special crunch and testing to almonds without making them unhealthy. It is the perfect option for your regular snacking.

Badam Lachcha, Bikaneri mixture, complex mixture and Shahi mixture are some of our namkeen delicacies that are four people who like salty and spicy food. They add the perfect crunch to your otherwise bland dishes like poha, Khichdi and upama. All you have to do is just sprinkle these mixtures on top of your dishes and see the magic. Our good quality and seamless services is the reason why we are a famous namkeen shop in Delhi. 

We also offer authentic Indian namkeen such as Dal Bhaji, Masala Para, Mogra, Kabuli Chana and so many more. These bring back the exquisite flavour of your childhood and fond memories with the snacks. Now you no longer have to pay a lot to get the snacks. All you have to do is go on our website and order whatever you like. We keep on adding new items to our menu from time to time so that customers get to experience the flavours of versatile namkeens from the country. Kamwarji has made sure that it retains its original flavour and still complies with the contemporary market needs which is why it is a famous namkeen shop in Delhi. You can visit us today to taste our best selling products.

Savoury snacks

If you are someone who loves eating savoury snacks, then Kanwarji  is the right place for you. We have got all kinds of savoury snacks and we are one of the most famous savoury shops in Delhi. Our snacks are high in quality and we use the best ingredients to prepare your favourite snacks. Some of the best selling products include-

  1. Khasta Kachori
  2. Shakar Para
  3. Gur Para
  4. Masala Papdi
  5. Choti Masala Kachori 
  6. Papdi
  7. Namak Para
  8. Gol Mathri
  9. Tikoni Matthi
  10. Choti Masala Samosa
These snacks are the perfect answers to your unsettling hunger. The best part is that you do not have to compromise on the overall quality of the product just because you want to eat savoury snacks. The problem with the savoury snacks market is that it is very unregulated. Other shops use cheap material for making savoury snacks. But we at Kanwarji make sure that you get all the high-quality savoury snacks at reasonable prices. We make all our products in pure Desi Ghee which is a major USP.

All the snacks will not harm your health at any cost. Our healthy and tasty snacks or one of the major reasons why we are a famous savoury snacks shop in Delhi. You can choose to order our products from your online website or you can visit any of our stores in Delhi. We deliver on the same day to the customers who live in Delhi NCR. Others can receive their orders within 3 to 5 days of ordering the products. We also sell special chutneys along with the savoury snacks to enhance the flavour. Now tea time will be your favourite part of the day because of our savoury snacks. You can replace your everyday bowling snacks and biscuits with our interesting savoury snacks.

We have a secret recipe for all our products and we make sure that all our products pass through a quality check before reaching our customers. We also provide assorted boxes of savoury snacks in case you want to distribute it among your family and friends. We provide special services for marriages and other important occasions. To try our products, you can visit our famous savoury snack shops in Delhi today.

Buy snacks and namkeen online

As a customer, we give you the liberty to choose from a diverse menu of namkeen and snacks. All you have to do is visit one of our outlets or order online from our own website. Our outlets are present in various parts of Delhi including-

  1. 1972, Corner Gali Pranthawali, Chandi Chowk Delhi 110006.
  2. G-1 Saini Enclave Vikas Marg, New Delhi 110092.
  3. B4-33/A, Ashok Vihar, Phase 2, New Delhi 110052.

You can find everything that you want from our menu in all these outlets. You can also buy snacks and namkeen online from our website. The process of ordering from our own website is also quite simple. All you have to do is select the snacks and namkeen that you want to order in your cart. Now you have to select your address. After completing all the steps you can complete the ordering process. The products will be delivered to you in no time. We assure you that all the delivered products will be fresh and high-quality. Many people are still unsure if they must buy snacks and namkeen online. But with our seamless services, you should not even think twice before ordering from our website. It is a very simple process and you will get high-quality products at your doorstep in no time.

As a brand we make sure that our customers never have to compromise with the quality of food. We make sure that all the delivered products go through a quality check before reaching the customers. customers get a free delivery on all orders above Rs.2000. For orders below Rs.2000, customers will have to pay an extra delivery fee.

Customers living in Delhi NCR region will get their deliveries on the same day of the ordering. Other customers will most likely receive their orders within 3 to 5 days. We also accept orders for marriages and other big occasions. You can also get personalized hampers as per your own choice. So you can visit our stores to buy our snacks or you can buy snacks and namkeen online from our website as well. We make sure that our customers are satisfied with both the quality and the quantity of our products.