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Kanwarji’s as it’s known today is an age old tradition which began in Old Delhi Chandni Chowk by Late Lala Kanwar Sen In 18th century. Having been noticed by people as a sweet shop selling sweets and namkeens in pure desi ghee, Kanwarji is a name that has become immensely popular among people who come here to shop, eat and explore the age old tradition be it foreigners or Indians. Kanwarji is mainly famous for its mouth watering DalBiji a recipe that originated in ur kitchens and is popular today as a family secret. The best thing about Dalbiji is that it can be stored for months and that’s why a lot of foreigners and KRJ’s take it abroad with them. Our other specialties which are also famous would over are: Pista Lauj, Badaam Lauj and Aloo Ka Lachcha.

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